About SWR Corporation


SWR Corporation manufactures a chemical product for specific and general purpose cleaning applications, primarily relating to maritime, petroleum, and environmental remediation needs.


Our specialist are trained in a multitude of additional applications where SWR is a far superior cleaner than products industries are currently relying on.


The researchers at SWR have applied more than forty years of combined experience from the petrochemical and manufacturing industries to develop innovative, environmentally safe and effective chemical solutions.


SWR is designed to enhance plant performance, provide higher levels of worker safety, reduce maintenance costs and nearly eliminate costly management and disposal problems associated with the use of toxic and hazardous chemical substance.


SWR has a long shelf life and because of it's unique ability to be reclaimed for reuse, it is by far, an economical choice.


Our Management Team

Paul Rosenbaum

CEO & Chairman

Mr. Rosenbaum has served as CEO of SWR, which he founded, since 1994. He also

served as Chairmen and CEO of Rentrak Corporation, Portland, Oregon, where he previously served as CEO for nine years.


In July 2007, Mr. Rosenbaum was appointed by Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski to

served on the nine‐member Board of Commissioners for The Port of Portland.


Mr. Rosenbaum acquired extensive knowledge of U.S. banking and insurance law during his long career in private practice and as a Michigan state legislator. He presently serves on various public and private boards.

About the SWR Product

SWR is a powerful water-activated surfactant that separates emulsified oil from water. The compound have a strong chemical affinity for water, and will preferentially absorb and dissolve the water emulsified in the grease, oil or grime adhering to or contaminating surfaces, soils or wastewater.


The strong chemical affinity of SWR to water and the high surface energy, at the SWR/hydrocarbon interface, results in rapid extraction of water from the emulsified oil. This extraction leads to a top layer of uncontaminated oils and greases (hydrocarbons are now of lower density because the water has been removed).


     3 Distinct layers of separation


  • On the top layer, reclaimed hydrocarbons
  • In the middle, reusable SWR and water
  • recipitated solids on the bottom layer


The compound will maintain the separation, and can be re-used until the formulations have biodegraded to the point where their utility is lost, usually in 30 to 45 days, without any negative effects to the bio-environment.

In most cases, SWR also removes loose corrosion product (rust and scale) from metal surfaces and leaves a paintable surface protected by an inorganic micro layer that prevents flash rusting.