Welcome to SWR Corporation

We manufacture intelligent and environmentally-safe chemical solutions suited for numerous industries and applications.

The SWR advantage

  • Heavy cleaning: Oil, Water, Sediment separation on all types of surfaces and soils.
  • SWR replaces toxic and hazardous chemicals, is not flammable or corrosive and is reusable.
  • Previously lost oil can be reclaimed.
  • Expensive equipment is rejuvenated.

How does it work?

SWR is a powerful water-activated surfactant that separates emulsified oil from water. The compound have a strong chemical affinity for water, and will preferentially absorb and dissolve the water emulsified in the grease, oil or grime adhering to or contaminating surfaces, soils or wastewater.

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who we are

The researchers at SWR have applied more than forty years of combined experience from the petrochemical and manufacturing industries to develop innovative, environmentally safe and effective chemical solutions.

Meet CEO & Chairman

Paul Rosenbaum

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